Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why a wordless comic?

Here's my first Rada story "Imitation of Invention"and some of my thoughts of the first comic.
Rada was based on Buster Keaton, Alien (the Ridley Scott movie) and animal characters from Norwegian cartoonist Jason. Rada has no emotion, bringing out his inner animal and hoping the reader are encouraged to invest their own emotion.

I almost find it a bit embarrassing to watch overemotional films, like Woody Allen flims or Magnolia. It takes me out of the film.

I think using no text makes the stories more universal. They become fables. You don't hit the reader on the head with all the answers. It's more up to each reader to interpret the story, he has to fill in some of the answers him/herself. It's more of a meeting between the artist and the reader, but at the same time you gain something more unexplainable element, a feeling of mystery.

Here's another panel that is repeated because I can't get the damn thing off.

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