Saturday, June 13, 2009

That was then, this is now!

The picture on top is the first image of Crumbbums, before the strip and the model sheets. The four characters were created on the spot showcasing, Nero (top left), Bartleby (top right), Spartacus ( bottom right) and Orson (bottom left).

I had the idea if Iggy Pop created The Peanuts, this is what it would look like. Maybe too stark for Nero to have human eyes, he was going to be an anti Mickey Mouse but overall I do enjoy the color and the little icons floating around the heads. Mark, a close friend was having an art crawl walk in his studio apartment and I do believe that I brought it over for show. That was 8 years ago.

This came out last year, still having Bartleby and Orson rolling by the corner, I added Rada the cat hanging onto the robot. Much more life in this poster than previous one. I enjoy both contrasts but see the huge improvement over art and being less pessimist. Sorry about the cropping, the last image would of cost me 5 dollars for reproduce all of it.

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Rick Grimes said...

But the edginess of the older one is great, too! I like the whole look of cover and its colors.

The characters definitely hook me in.

The human eyes do make such
cartoony guys appear meaner and
crazier. Says something about us