Saturday, June 20, 2009

Death don't have no mercy in this land

  1. The title comes from Reverend Gary Davis' Holy Blues. This was the first story that I ever work on which came before the Crumbbums comic strips. Not one of my best in terms of storytelling, but I do still love the fourth page and the ending. Below is a extra two panels of the comic found by my father ( years after the comic was completed) given to me on a Mpls visit to Fall-Con. Thanks, pop!

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Rick Grimes said...

(Read this one some time back,
but must've forgotten to press
I had no trouble following
the storytelling, and I'm a bit nearsighted.
Enjoyed the whole story, but especially like the funhouse car
w/ bird in realm of recently dead.
A funny touch. I might like one of those...