Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Laugh Comics Digest Magazine # 81
By Sam Kujava, Doug Crane & othersVG.
For this blog I would like to talk more about my influences, people who change my life through their work. But before I talk about Jack Kirby, Van Gogh, Bruno Premiani and Alex Toth, it starts with my father Sam Kujava.
I was born and breed in a small town, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and unless your a football fan there's was not a lot going on in terms of art. My dad was a writer for Archie comics, who had a vast collection of comics, pulp novels, and old movies. It was during those times that I fell in love with those artists. I remember picking up, reading and still enjoying a cover less comic of Doom Patrol #95. Without my dad insight to the arts I would of never became an artist.
He is also a brilliant storyteller and some of my fondest memories growing up was watching him draw and plot his stories. The process is so simple that all you ever need is a sheet of paper, pencil and pen . I will be doing Rada comics for the rest of my life, and because of that joy I own so much love for my father.
Happy Father's Day, dad.

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