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The Wars of 1812

Here's a children's story done a year ago. I might make this into a longer story, what do you think?

Fingertip. Clown

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Fingertip comic cover

Fingertips cover which was done last year, along with the back cover.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Work in Progress, Baby Snakes

Here's a preview of the first nine pages of Baby Snakes, a story which has been on my drawing board for close to a year. Any suggestions for an ending would be appreciate.

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Fingertip doodles, Tom Waits

For a straight month, I was doodling a day in a 2 by 4 inch notebook at work. Here's the first image, Tom Waits.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Being jake kujava

Here's the full image of beingjakekujava blog picture. The back is a too bulky in this picture.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Luaka Bop

Here's a woodcut done in college, the name Luaka Bop was taken from David Byrne's record label. The style was influenced by Paul Gauguin a leading Post-Impressionist painter/ woodcut artist.

David Byrne (lead singer of Talking Heads) took the phrase "Luaka Bop" for his record label from the inner packaging of a specialty tea which is sold in England. (Luaka is the name of a tea importer. Luaka's "Broken Orange Pekoe" is packaged in a silver foil block; when the sleeve is removed, it reveals a white label stuck to the foil, reading "Luaka BOP".)