Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The kiss

"In my art I have tried to explain to myself life and its meaning I have also tried to help others to clarify their lives." (E.M.)

Edvard Munch one of the founding expressionist painters, was one of the reason why I wanted to paint. For the Kiss, the blending of the two faces in this picture is a symbol of how when two people are in love, they lose their own identity and meld into one. Munch didn't have a high opinion of love or for that matter women.

But for myself, it's still one of favorite pieces, showing the love between two people in a single kiss, so much they seem to share this love and moment. Incredibly painted, especially the contrast between objects, but not in the faces. I've been looking back at his work and have become a little turned off by some of some subject matter,but with due respect this man lived a hard life. He was often ill and kept out of school, who felt death constantly advancing on him. Compounded by excessive drinking and brawling, throughout his adult life, he would be on verge of madness. Never respected in his life time as a great painter, he spent the last 20 years, solitude at his nearly self-sufficient estate in Ekely.

Here's my version of Munch's Kiss. Being a fan of his wood cuts, I painted the background to reflect wood varnish, but strengthen the people by brightening the tone and color giving them more of a pop art quality.

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