Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why I draw animal comics

I have always been a huge fan of DC Digests from the 1980's. These smaller size comics with more pages were ideal reading ,which contained around 100 pages for 50 cents. Why DC should revamp this size is beyond me, it would be a great marketing tool to go up against the Manga books that have been huge in the US for the past decade.
I especially like the Funny Stuff edition ( #55, picture above seems to be missing in my collection, does anyone have an extra copy they would care to depart?) In those issues Sheldon Mayer, did some of his best work such as Dizzy Dog. He also wrote and drew a number of humour comics for DC, including the features The Three Mouseketeers, "Leave it to Binky, a teenage humor book Sugar and Spike." He's an example of a story in Funny Stuff# 53, of Sheldon's taste of art and humour.

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