Friday, September 11, 2009

Bruno Premiani's Doom Patrol

There has been many comic books written about the masters such as Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Robert Crumb, and Carl Barks. But I haven't seen anything on Bruno Premiani who created some of most surreal comics. He drew in style almost unknown in the US comics of the day, an European flavor with a eye of draftsmanship. I first came across Bruno's work from a cover less comic of The Doom Patrol #95, The Menace of the Turnabout Heroes, in my mid teens. Shown above is a page from that comic. What stuck me was Bruno's art had a classical style to it but a further look it was visually bizarre and hints of surrealism. For instance, here's a scene where the leader The Chief, who is in cast of a metal shell of robotman fighting the Animal-Vegetable Mineral Man. Or from the page on top Rita the Elastic Girl grows part of her body.

Bruno art style had a opposite approach to Jack Kirby.

Kirby exemplified the lack of confines to his imagination through pure dynamism. Premiani was much more low-key and had a much more European style. It is restrained and sytematic, being a raitional ascetic he disiplined himself in details of his work.

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