Friday, May 13, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #4

Here's is one of the first comic book stories that I first fell in love with. This story was collected in a series called Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #3 and featured the first appearance of the Sandman. This isn't Stan Lee and Steve Ditko at their best, but there are couple of things that I would like to point out.
First is the cover, its one of the first to have a few panels of the story. This might of been Stan Lee's idea, he did before in Rawhide Kid # 24. I still enjoy the cover and if I ever see Steve Dtiko it would be one my geeky fan based questions for him. Who came up with this idea?
Lastly, how Spiderman defeats Sandman, is as Sandman turns into a sand particles, Spidey sucks his body into a vacuum cleaner trapping him until the police shows up. You might think this is a lackluster defeat but it can't be any worse than Spider-man letting the Sandman go and forgiving him killing his Uncle and not having Sandman return the money that he robbed from the bank in Spider-man 3. Sigh, way to drop the ball, director Sam Raimi.