Monday, November 15, 2010

Batman's Ego

I picked up a couple of Darwyn Cooke's comics on ebay, which came in the mail Monday. Batman Ego was the first that I read which was also the  first issue the Cooke ever published. 
Here are some of my thoughts.

Pretty good, the art remind me of Bruce Timm's Batman's Adventure cartoon, Art deco buildings fill Gotham city with a splash of German Expressionism. 

Although Darwyn Cooke hates the how deconstructionism has destroy superhero comic in today's market, he begins with this idea using self-involved psycho-babble dialogue between Bruce Wayne and The Batman. The rest of the book is dedicated to Batman talking to Batman, asking questions such as why not kill The Joker? This gets a little dis interesting but overall it's a solid read and one of the few writers who can understand the idealism of being a hero.