Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review of Free Comic Day 2010

 Here's a mini review of  comics that I read last night that were handed out on free comic day. Special thanks for Source and Games, located in St Paul, Mn for the bag full of comics. 

Drawn and Quarterly- The John Stanley grab-bag, (see pic above). Loved it, an underrated master of storytelling, laughed out loud to the Tubby short story and was great to see Choo Choo charlie. If you ever want to get your kids to start to read comics, this is perfect place to start!

IDW- classic comic strip. Another keeper, slick design on paper, glossy color. This comic gives a  intro to Rip Kriby, X-9 and Archie newspaper comic strips. Another plus was Polly and Her Pals comic Sunday strip, a rare style of art deco, Dadaism and surrealism pushing the idea of what comic can do.

Fantagraphics Books-Weathercraft. Jim Woodring wordless comic of Frank's world. Rich in storytelling, mysterious in plot, not every ones cup of tea. Either you get or you don't!

Marvel. Iron man and Thor. Hey look a recent comic came out from Marvel that I quite enjoyed! Good writing, excellent artwork, the heroes take on villains that you wouldn't expect from the house on the hill.  Also nice that i didn't have to buy 30 more comics to finish the story line.

Dark Horse- Doctor Solar and Magnus the Robot Fighter. Oh God, this was hard to get thur. Clunky script from Jim Shooter, horrible art on Doctor Solar. Magnus art does get better but such a lackluster story. Yawn, hello Half Price.

DC- Superman. War of Superman. Hated it so much, we get to find out that Old Krypton becomes a new planet full of powerful superman, who are about to attack earth. So many superman like characters, who is Mon El, Flamebird, Assassin, Reactron? Who care? What made superman great was that he was one of a kind.  And why is Lois lane's father Sam Lane hate Kryptonians so much like superman.  This is reason why i don't pick up new comics, plus I need to buy the multi comics to get the whole story. Trash it!