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Coverless comic Sunday, My Greatest Adventure # 77

Eugene "Gene" Colan (born September 1, 1926) is an American comic book artist best known for his work for Marvel Comics (my third favorite marvel artist), where his signature titles include the superhero series, Daredevil, the cult-hit satiric series Howard the Duck, and The Tomb of Dracula. Here's an early DC story from My Greatest Adventure "I Was a Target for Two Guns" Number 77. Enjoy

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Great Garloo

Special thanks to Rick Grimes, who show me what The Great Garloo looks like. My first introduction to this green creature was feature on the cover of Jimbo#1 by Gary Panter. I had no idea that this toy existed in the 1960's.  Goes Forward or backward, turns left & right. Arms open & close, he can bend over to pick up items & carry. Originally came with medallion, wrist chains, cardboard tray, shoulder pads, palms pads & leopard print loin cloth. Also the two large hands can  hold a glass of water when moving. I want this toy for my Birthday! 
I like  Garloo so I decided to use him in upcoming Crumbbums comic. Not sure if I will use this panel the size of the mouse too big against the cat. Scanned it in and show it to you this Saturday morning.

Fingertip. King Tut

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